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    Nidhoil Mohamed Ibrahim

    Nidhoil is an IBM graduate. Prior to that, he graduated from an Islamic Institution in Syria where he completed the memorization of all 30 juz of the Quran along with the mastery of Islamic Studies and the Arabic language. He has the ability to speak fluent English, Arabic and the Comoros language. Despite being in AIIS is his first teaching stint, he has shown his flair for the teaching profession. Students see him as someone approachable and friendly.
    1. Bachelor Degree in International Business Management (Hons)
    2. Diploma in Islamic Studies (Alfurqaan Islamic Institute, Damascus, Syria)

    I love sports, especially football, futsal and frisbee. I also love to travel to different places where I can meet new people from different parts of the world. I am familiar with maqamat of vocal instrumental music where I can enjoy reciting and singing with numerous melodies.