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    Win Hlaing

    Also known as Ustaz Hafeezuddeen. He is the Imam of the school teaching Islamic Studies, Quran and Moral Education. He has the ability to speak fluent English, Arabic, Mandarin, Malay and Myanmar. As a huffaz who has committed all 30 juz to memory, he will also be teaching the Tahfiz program in AIIS. Ustaz Hafeezuddeen has been teaching Arabic language, Quran memorization and Islamic Studies at International Islamic schools in KL, Malaysia since 2009.
    1. Masters in Quran and Sunnah Studies (Islamic University of Malaysia)
    2. Bachelor of Usuluddeen and Da’wah (Islamic University of Al-Madinah)
    3. Diploma in Quran Memorization, 30 Juz (Masjid An-Nabawi Al-Madinah)

    I am an avid reader of books on Tafseer of Quran, Hadeeth, Arabic literature and biography of Sahabah (companions of Rasool Muhammad peace be upon him).

    I like participating in social works, summer camps, traveling and experiencing new cultures. My aspiration is to make this world a better place by developing future leaders and be the best nation for the whole humanity.