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  • Highlights

    Khalifah Inspiration

    In conjunction with the AIIS Open Day, the school invited Sheikh Muszafar Shukor, our beloved Malaysian Astronaut, to inspire our students and the local community to greater heights. We believe in showcasing inspiring role-models to our students in our effort to instill a Khalifah Mindset in them.

    Launch of AIIS

    This auspicious event took place on the 5th of March 2016. It signifies the formal cooperation between Yayasan Albukhary and Madrasah Irsyad to develop a school model that is hoped to be a game changer in uplifting the ummah. For God, For Humanity. May Allah assist us in this humble endeavor. Ameen.

    AIIS Open Day

    AIIS opened its door to the community in March¬†2016. It’s a humble effort to introduce the new school to the larger community. There is certainly a lot of euphoria over the setting up of this unique school. There is a lot of expectation for the school to change the education landscape in Alor Setar, introducing […]

    World Kidney Day

    In conjunction with World Kidney Day, AIIS students visited the Albukhary Dialysis Center as part of their awareness towards the plight of those who succumb towards kidney failure. Yet, another effort at creating individuals who are socially aware and empowered to make the world a better place.