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    For God, For Humanity

    We set out on this adventure out of our deep sense of conviction to Serve God, and to Serve Humanity. As such, apart from benchmarking the school to the world-class Singapore education system, we also espouse on a school environment that embraces a progressive appreciation of Islam, one that nurtures the spiritual soul while at the same time celebrating the diversity that God has blessed Humanity.


    International Curriculum

    AIU-Irsyad International School adopts the Cambridge iGCSE international curriculum with subjects like Enterprise and Global Perspectives to develop world-ready individuals.

    Global Experience

    Exchange programs with premier schools in the region provide students with a global outlook and a head start in developing regional ties. This global experience is further enriched by a team of professional expatriates from Singapore and other first world countries as academic mentors to the students.


    Service Learning

    AIU-Irsyad International School is specifically setup to develop more individuals who put others before self as they serve humanity. This is achieved through an authentic service-learning program reinforced by a faculty team who are excellent role models. Community and social work is an essential part of the learning experience where students will be attached to the many humanitarian platforms within the Albukhary Foundation.

    Advanced Pedagogies

    AIU-Irsyad International School aspires to be a 21st century school that optimizes technologically advanced pedagogies in the classrooms. These student-centered approaches ensures a purposeful yet fun learning environment while at the same time inspire students to a higher level of learning and understanding.


    Education Best Practices

    Best practices from Al-Irsyad Singapore and other renown education institutions form the building blocks of the school. The teaching staff are continuously upgraded with the latest tried and tested approaches and systems from other high-performing institutions. AIU-Irsyad International School aspires to model the way in showcasing only the best that the education sector has to offer.