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    Sports Day

    Truthfully, it was more like a family day with teachers, parents and students bonding over fun outdoor activities and games. Such camaraderie is the very purpose and intent of programs like these. When school and families share the same passion and strategies in developing the child, the ummah wins.

    English Week

    It’s English Week. There are a whole lot of fun and exciting activities to promote the joy of communicating in the English language in AIIS. Among them is this visit to the Alor Star library. Also, English week in AIIS means more English native speakers running engaging English programs throughout the week.

    First Days Of School

    FDOS (First Days of School) program in AIIS is an important program that builds teamwork, establish orderliness and instill a sense of purpose in AIISians. Insya Allah, AIISians are ready to conquer the year ahead.

    English Village Program

    Our Rohingya guests had a fun-filled day learning the English language today, alhamdulillah. Thematic approach (school, market, clinic, restaurant, transport, etc) was used in teaching English through an interactive and authentic approach through role-play, skits, games, puzzles, etc during the English Village Program.

    Prize Presentation

    We ended the year with a Prize Giving Ceremony to recognize our students performance in the academics. Congratulations to the award winners and Happy Holidays. See you in 2017!!

    Parent Teacher Conference

    Parents are our partners in the development of our students. As such, the Parent-Teacher-Conference is an important part of the development of our students. Alhamdulillah, parents also gave a resounding “thumbs-up” to AIIS.

    Math Olympiad

    Our students participated in the Southeast Asia Maths Olympiad Competition (SEAMO). Results does not matter so much after you witness their dedication and perseverance to participate in an international standing competition. Bravo students.

    Open Day

    It was an exciting and fun AIIS Open Day. Our guests cannot control their enthusiasm and excitement in learning at AIIS. First-hand experience of how fun learning is at AIIS. A fun-filled event showcasing the teaching and learning process in AIIS.

    Story Telling Competition

    AiU-Irsyad International School organized a Story Telling Competition on 26th August 2016. The aim of boosting and increasing our students’ level of confidence and self-esteem were clearly met, looking at how our students dazzled the crowd of some 206 Turkish and Balkan participants from Turgev-Al Bukhary Language and Culture Programme.